Dorotheanthus can stop wildfires
  • 1999 Tania first visited Koroni and became a windsurfing and sailing instructor
  • 2000 Tania organized and held classes and workshops on mindfullnes
  • 2008 Tania and a friend of her bought this beautiful land she called Coya Kiya
  • 2009 Free the olive- and fig-trees from ivy and blackberry
  • 2010 a 11m² shelter with a thermosiphon for hot water has been built
  • 2011 construction of a reservoir for rainwater
  • 2011 Installing a thermophile composting system for the first time in Koroni according to J. Jenkins’s HUMANURE-Project
  • 2012 Due to the Greek chrisis Tania decided to work in Germany for a living
  • 2013 Martin came to Koroni to built a tiny wooden bathroom.
  • 2013 Tania & Martin organized a seminar in Koroni with Werner J. Meinhold on Hypno-Integrative Therapy of Deep Psychology H.I.T.T®. Martin also did all the catering for this seminar
  • since then Tania & Martin are running the farm together
  • 2015 We started to clear the old building-site from blackberries, ivy and other fast growing schrubs. When the house collapsed it burried all stuff inside. Over the years a concrete-like mass build up with the rest of the adobe walls. Step by step we are seperating theese remainings
  • 2016 We face the need of a drivable connection to the next road. Our actual connection to the next road is a 200 meter footpath, as ever.
    Without a road, further developement is not affordable
  • 2017 A wildfire burned half of our trees, 10 trees did not survive. Our “Robinson-shower”, a minimalistic outdoor bathroom, was burned as well. So Martin built another one mostly with used or left-over material
  • 2019 The former co-owner of Tanias property motivated us to further develop our project by donating his share of the property.
  • 2019 We take the descission to live permanently on the farm and start a crowdfunding to buy a neighbouring plot allowing us to set up more biodiversity and giving us the opportunity of a direct connection to the next road
  • December 2019. We made biochar in an earth pit kiln to be used in the terra preta project! Together with fine chopped fig wood and soil we set up a pile as a first step in producing terra preta.