A good project is one that benefits more than just a few…

Home to simply.eco is Koroni on the Peloponnese in Greece.
We want to be active in the fields of organic farming methods, waste management and architecture showing ways to work profitably and, at the same time, to regenerate ecosystems. With your contribution you fuel up various projects!

We will be a living example of how small farmers can secure their livelihood with high-quality organic products. Our goal is to counteract the increasing olive monoculture and restore biodiversity through syntropic farming. So we are not only changing the method of cultivation, but also the way we think.

Syntropic farming was refined by the Swiss Ernst Götsch from permaculture in order to largely eliminate the need for external fertilizers and irrigation. This is particularly valuable considering the rising temperatures and the associated water shortage in Greek summers.
We are expanding the habitat for thousands of bees, grasshoppers, lizards, snakes, insects, small birds, owls, bats and porcupines. Only the wild pigs have to stay outside!

Our garden is open to local schools for excursions and internships.

Thank you very much for your support and spread the word!