syntropic farming notes Biochar instead of ash

Biochar instead of ash

Dear Koroni Community,
“Terra Preta” is one of the best organic fertilizers in the world, it improves the soil/humus and supports the health of our olive trees – despite drought and heavy rain.
I invite you, instead of burning your olive branches and emitting quite a lot of CO² , to turn them into premium quality biochar in my “pyrolysis plant” / earth Kontiki. Even small branches are suitable for pyrolysis! In return, I receive a quarter of the biochar produced.

In the future we want to offer a mobile Kontiki, which will allow you to produce pyrolised biochar directly in your olive grove!

The burning of olive branches in the fields pollutes the environment and causes great risk of wildfire. Better to be part of the solution than beeing part of the problem! Save money on fertilizer and protect the beautiful nature in Koroni!

For all those interested, I offer a short introduction to the topic as well as in-depth workshops for you, your neighbors, friends or your school. Get in touch with me.

What for can I use biochar? How do I prepare “Terra Preta”? How do I strengthen my olive trees?

I 💕 Koroni!

Kind Regards,


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