syntropic farming notes Visit of the young people from “LYSOs Herb Garden” in Koroni

Visit of the young people from “LYSOs Herb Garden” in Koroni

on June 16 we had the pleasant visit of young people from the project “LYSOs Herb garden. Gardening for Young People with increased need of assistance in West Mani, Messinias- Greece. The aim was to present in a mini-workshop of 2.5 hours two products that we have been producing self-sufficiently for 5 years:
1.- Terra Pretta and
2.- pyrolized charcoal- plant charcoal.

I started with an introduction about the benefits of pyrolized charcoal production, such as reducing the amount of CO² in the atmosphere; obtaining a high quality product by reusing the remains of olive branches after harvesting; using pyrolized charcoal in animal feed, improving the health of the animals and the quality of the eggs produced by our chickens; restoration of humus in the soil; increase in biodiversity of organisms that have a positive impact on soil quality; reduction of water consumption; obtaining a basic product for the production of Terra Pretta.

Then, I briefly presented the methods for obtaining this pyrolized charcoal, e.g., pyrolysis in an earth Kontiki; crushing the charcoal; activating the charcoal.
Practically, the 12 participants of the workshop had the opportunity to activate the pyrolized charcoal themselves and to get to know all the ingredients necessary for this, e.g. effective microorganisms- EM; liquid fertilizer, chicken or horse manure, etc.

Then I presented the organic fertilizer “Terra Pretta” with its advantages in agriculture, in reducing irrigation water for plants and fruit trees, improving soil quality and thus increasing organic quality and production – avoiding pests and reducing the cost of buying fertilizers. The participants could hold the “Terra Pretta” in their hands, look at its ingredients and smell its pleasant forest fragrance.

Finally, I invited the young people of the Lysos Herbgarden and motivated them to become the first official group in Peloponnese to produce – and perhaps sell – these two products, becoming ambassadors of what is now recognized by scientists as the most efficient organic fertilizer that also reduces CO² from the atmosphere and stores it underground for thousands of years.
We would like to invite the group to learn in detail the preparation of these two products during the upcoming workshops.

One of the goals of our project “” is to protect biodiversity in Koroni, and therefore we are happy to welcome schools, organizations or individuals who are looking for information on these issues and share our experience in this field.

My congratulations to “LYSOs – Herbgarden”, for this unique education & work in Greece for young people with disabilities.
Thank you for this work!

Best regards
Tania Cuisana

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